Book Review: The Revenge Wife by Rosemg25

The Revenge Wife is a novel written by Rosemg25 aka WF on Wattpad. The novel got 3.51 Million reads and 107K votes.

The story is about Emma Ross and Adam McRoberts. Emma living a very tough life, her father was admitted in the hospital and she works as a waitress. She tried a lot to pay her father’s treatment but failed. Suddenly Adam appeared and offered her 250 thousand dollars if she marry him.

Emma later accepts his offer and get married to him because of his father’s treatment. Adam is not a Prince at all. He was after a revenge and Emma was his culprit. Adam thinks that his first wife was killed by Emma’s father and to take his revenge from him, he married Emma as in he thinks Emma’s father is no more.

Adam has a daughter who easily creates a bond with Emma. Adam started liking Emma but his mind was still focused on his revenge.

What will happen after Adam finds out about Emma’s father and will Emma ever make a place in his heart?

Well I enjoyed this book and I recommend it to you all. My ratings for the book is 5/5.

To know more read it on Wattpad. It’s available offline as well.

Click on the link to read it :-

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