Book Review: You, my Punishment by Sssilentscreamsss

You, my Punishment is a novel written by Sssilentscreamsss on Wattpad, this book got 8.9 M reads and 345K votes. The story lies between two charaters Sahra Ali and Aneel Osman.

Sahra Ali a heart broken girl, no one loves her nor even her parents and suddenly fix her marriage with Aneel Osman. The marriage is just a formality nothing else. Sahra follow her religion and Aneel was opposite, he hate it because of his past.

Aneel told Sahra on their first day of marriage that their marriage is just on papers and nothing else. Sahra being a heartbroken, went out to commit a suicide but an unknown voice stops her and that’s God.

Once Aneel was shouting in her sleep ‘Maryam’ and Sahra heard him and thought that he love someone else. Aneel was involved in a gang and his rival kidnapped Sahra, who was actually Sahra’s real brother. Sahra was unknown from many things “Her real Family”.

You, my Punishment is a story filled with mysteries such as Maryam, Sahra’s Family and finally Sahra and Aneel’s relationship.

I personally like this novel very much and recommend it to you all. My rating for this novel is 5/5.

You can read it online and offline on Wattpad. I’ll provide the link below.

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