Book Review: Give Your Heart A Break by Anuj Tiwari

Give Your Heart A Break by Anuj Tiwari, one of my favourite Indian author and bestseller author of novel ‘Journey Of Two Hearts’. He writes books on real stories which makes his novels wonderful and some novel based on his personal life and families.

Give Your Heart A Break is a novel based on siblings relationship. Arjun the narrator of the story went to Delhi with Dimpy aunty to meet her cousin sister Addya. Addya’s past wants Arjun to write in books but Addya was not ready for this. When Arjun and Dimpy aunty went to meet Addya, he stole her diary to look into her past.

The story starts from the flashback starring Addya, a gold medalist and strong girl but her life changed when her parents fix her marriage with Bali. When they get married Bali was too good for her but after sometime he became violent. Bali and his parents started torturing Addya for Dowry and beat her and gave her electric shocks.

When Addya’s brother Agastya knew about it, he help her and take her back to their house and filled the case against Bali. Nothing proves Bali wrong and makes Addya the culprit even while she was pregnant.

Agastya, Arjun and Addya’s mom helps Addya to forget everything but she was too heartbroken to repair. Agastya meets Tarjani, his crush from college and they started get along but Addya’s pain always kept Agastya at distance from all, he don’t share much.

I am not going to fully telling you all this story but when you read this you’ll find from which Addya went through. Agastya love towards his sister, Dimpy aunty’s care, Arjun’s being a shoulder to cry on, Tarjani’s pain and help to Addya for standing on her own and Takshika, a new member to the family.

I love this book and recommend it to all because this book holds siblings love, which is not seen in this world anymore. My rating for the book is 5/5/

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