Smartphone a short film on addiction: Film Review

Smartphone a short film on addiction was released on April 24, 2020 by ULLU Originals. ULLU Originals is an entertainment media, launched on December 25, 2018, it makes web series, movies, short films, and more.

Smartphone Cast :-

  1. Hina Khan as Suman
  2. Kunal Roy Kapur as Chandan
  3. Akshay Oberoi as Vicky, and more

Smartphone Plot:-

Suman moved with her husband Chandan to Mumbai, Chandan works in multinational company and has many friend or we can say gambler friends. Suman doesn’t like his habit of gambling at all but being all ‘Desi Bahu’ she can’t stop him. One day Chandan gift Suman a smartphone and Suman started learning how to use it with the help of Vicky, Chandan’s freind.

One day Vicky put his girlfriend on gambling and ask Chandan, if he can put his wife Suman in near future, he look towards Suman and said ‘YES’ because he never lose. Till night both played and Chandan was loosing the game and Suman watching both of them while typing on her smartphone.

Vicky ask Chandan to put his wife and Chandan look towards Suman, Suman told him, if he know he is going to win then she is ready and Chandan lost it.

Actually this whole time Suman was texting Vicky and telling him Chandan’s card numbers so he can loose.

The moral of the story is Chandan never played again and Suman was happy seeing her husband to be free from gambling.

‘Even a smartphone can help you in crucial times’

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