Book Review: Unwanted Mrs Young by Rainaangel

Unwanted Mrs Young is a novel written by Raina aka Rainaangel on Wattpad, this novel got 372K reads and 14.2K votes. The story about arrange marriage, billionaire, desire, love, jealousy and hatred.

Unwanted Mrs Young story based on Stella and Albert, Stella lives with her Grandfather in Bromley, a small village with simplicity. Albert is a heir of Citigroup Company and a billionaire. When they both were kids, Stella parents died and Albert confess his love to her and give her promise to never leave her. But when they grew up things changed, Albert changed ans Stella’s love changes into hatred but still she carve for his love.

With the sudden visit of Albert’s father changed their destiny, Albert sister died and left her son Oliver behind. Stella was friend with Lily, Albert’s sister and now Thomas, Albert’s father wants Albert and Stella to get married and take care of Oliver as their own son.

Stella wants to say a ‘NO’ but her Grandfather sudden heart condition make her say ‘YES’. Albert is another story, he told Stella he had a mistress, Selena, but his heart still wants Stella.

Both get married but some confessions still needs to find out.

Its very easy, simple and beautiful story with 22 chapters and you can easily read it online or offline for free. I will provide the link below.

If you like this review then don’t forget to like it and share it. My ratings for the book is 5/5.

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