A Muslim Tale|Royal7|Book Review

A Muslim Tale is a novel written by Royal7 on Wattpad, this novel received 2 million plus reads on Wattpad.

The story is about Amira and Amir belongs from a Muslim family and get arranged by their parents wishes. Amira is a practising muslim and always seems to a child with her look and Amir works as a CEO and also follow their religion.

Their story is not a fairy tale, ups and downs comes and make them depart from each other. Amira left his house and delivered a child in this process. Amir never knew this. They hide everything from their families.

This story will give you a light on the relationship after marriage as situation can never be all good everytime.

They both met again things changed, but Amira never accept his apology. Will she ever except or not?

To know what happens next read this book on Wattpad its available offline too. My rating for this book is 4/5.

Hope you enjoy this book review and for more business related inquiry, you can Contact me. Have a good day!

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