The Fall Of A Drama Queen by Neilani Alejandrino : Book Review

The Fall Of A Drama Queen is a novel written on Wattpad by Neilani Alejandrino aka sweetdreamer33. This novel is a fourth book in Petrakis series. The story is of Emerald Petrakis and Harry Allen, Emerald is a daughter of Eros Petrakis, a well known Billionaire. Harry is not a normal man himself, his other side is hidden for all.

Plot :-

Emerald being a daughter of a billionaire always believe that she’s a princess and will be a queen in future. She always has the crush on his brother’s Zion best friend ‘Harry’ but Harry breaks her heart because for him Emerald was a drama queen. Emerald hearts break into two and she changed herself fully into a mature person. She now has a boyfriend but she still has some place for Harry in her heart. Emerald started her own company ‘Petrakis Gems’ and she get her first order from Harry to make a crown for Queen of England.

Emerald went to England with Harry but she was unknown from the real truth of Harry. Harry was actually a Prince of England ‘Philip’ and no one knows that because everyone known him as Harry Allen.

Emerald was shocked to knew this but get into an scandal with Harry. After getting advised from everyone both Harry and Emerald went to a place where no one can find them till no one remember the scandal.

During this time, Harry saw a different side of Emerald and fall for her. Emerald too can’t hide her feelings for him. But now the situation erupt to get Emerald father ‘Eros’ get ready for there relationship. Harry finally impress Eros and that’s how Emerald finally finds her prince and became the Queen of England.

Characters :-

  • Emerald Petrakis – Female Lead Character
  • Harry Allen aka ‘Philip’ Prince of England – Male Lead Character
  • Eros Petrakis – Emerald Father
  • Jade Petrakis – Emerald Mother
  • Zion Petrakis – Emerald Brother

Author :-

Neilani Alejandrino aka sweetdreamer33, is a Wattpad writer and she has written seventeen books and two books published in paperbacks. Neilani lives in Philippines and also runs a Youtube channel. She is a popular author on Wattpad with 1.33 million followers.


Wattpad is an app where you can read and write both and published your books easily. Wattpad even select your books to publish and some books also converted into films.

I like this book and I highly recommend it to read. My ratings for this book is 5 /5.

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