Book Review: Yours Forcefully & Yours Faithfully by Lonely Lover

Yours Forcefully & Yours Faithfully is one novel divided into two parts, written by Lonely Lover aka romanticcrazyone on Wattpad. These two books received 4 million plus views.

The main character of this story are Maisie Grayson and Lucifer Xander Knight. Maisie’s parents are dead and she lives with her aunt, she doesn’t like Maisie at all and get her to do all the household work.

Maisie still doesn’t mind and keeps doing all the work as well as she works in a cafe but one day she meets Lucifer and everything changes.

Lucifer is a CEO in a big company as well as the King of Mafia, he kills the owners of the cafe, Maisie used to work in and Maisie lost her job.

When Lucifer sees Maisie for the first time, he started liking her and decides to make her his. Maisie’s aunt assumes Lucifer’s offer because she owes a lot to Lucifer and get Maisie and Lucifer married.

Lucifer never misbehaved with Maisie and simply told Maisie not to hide anything from him.

The boy named Jason used to like Maisie in college and he started becoming a reason for the estrangement between Maisie and Lucifer.

You will have to read this book to know whether Lucifer and Maisie will be able to erase the gap between them or there relationships will remain confused.

I like the twist and turns of this story, maybe you to. I highy recommend this book to read, its simple to read. My ratings for the book is 5/5.

These books are free on Wattpad and you can also read it offline, I will provide the links down below. Check them out.

For any inquiry or your books to get reviewed, you can Contact me. Thank you all for reading my blog. Have a good day!

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