Book Review: Loving You Again by Amrutha

Loving You Again novel is written by Amrutha on Wattpad. This story is quite different from the rest of the other stories, where on one side there is Savannah, who is trying to forget his love , who left her and that too without saying anything and on the other side Liam, who don’t remember his three last year.

Savannah arrives to New York to make a new start, but what she don’t know is that she will find her Damon or we can say Liam. Liam is a proprietor of a big company and it is a matter of coincidence that Savannah gets the job in his company only.

Savannah looks at Liam and is confused and thinks that he is as similar to his Damon, but she thinks that Damon was a bar tender, how can he be a business man like Liam, on the other hand, Liam does not recognize him because of an accident, he lost his memory and forget the time he spend with Savannah as Damon.

The whole story will only be known when you read it and will find out whether Savannah and Liam get together or not. I highly recommend this book and my ratings for the book is 5/5.

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