Book Review: When She Left by Blue

When She Left is a novel written by Wattpad writer Blue. This story related to Divorce which teaches us the importance of relationships. It is wrong to reach any conclusion without talking and clearing all the misunderstanding, it is clearly shown in this story.

When Rachel went to his husband’s office to tell him about her pregnancy and she found her step-sister and husband there and after seeing this she immediately went home and got the Divorce papers ready without talking with him and left his home. She left and their three years marriage broke up.

Eight years passed and Joseph didn’t even search her because he was angry with himself and on the other hand, Josh, Rachel and Joseph’s son was now seven years old and Joseph knew nothing about him.

One day, Joseph twin sister Daine suddenly meets Rachel and invites her on her birthday and in the meantime, the two meet after eight years. But there are still many secrets burials that the two were unaware of, but in due course of time, the truth is revealed to Rachel that nothing had happens between her step – sister and Joseph, it was her sister who tricked Joseph to hide her pregnancy and implicated him that he should marry her, but later Joseph finds out that its not his son and divorce her but Rachel step-sister died due to cancer.

Joseph, on the other hand, wanted to start a new start again with Rachel and Josh.

If Rachel talked with Joseph earlier then they never get divorced and Joseph to reach Rachel before it was too late but he was stupid to let go her.

The story will keep you engage and their misunderstanding will give us a great lesson to never react to the situation before knowing the whole truth.

Give this book a try, it is free on Wattpad and you can also read it offline.

My rating for this book is 4/5.

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