Book Review: His love by Ayesha

His Love is a muslim story written by Ayesha on Wattpad.

The main characters of this story are Ayesha, a simple girl and Uzair, a mafia leader. Ayesha was getting married when Uzair arrives and kills her future husband and ask Ayesha’s brother to marry her.

Ayesha did not want to get married to the one who killed her future husband but does it after persuading by her mother. On the other hand, Uzair gives heart to Ayesha at first sight.

Even after marriage Ayesha doesn’t like him but after knowing by her brother that to whom she was getting married too was a cheater and Uzair saved her and after hearing this, Ayesha starts liking Uzair.

There life was going well that only then someone kills Uzair and he dies. Ayesha’s mother and brother get her remarry again but identically to someone who looks like Uzair.

Was it just a coincidence or did Ayesha get her Uzair back?

This twist makes this story interesting. Read this book on Wattpad for free to know the whole story. I liked this book so much maybe you like it too. My rating for this book is 5/5.

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