Covid-19 a curse to Labor

Covid-19 or we can say it corona virus, this epidemic has engulfed the whole world. Millions of people are suffering from this disease and this virus has killed many people.

Labor people have already been starved by Corona Virus lockdown. Due to the lockdown in India, many people have lost their jobs and some people are not getting any food for two times a day.

People are trying to go to their houses by their foot but the path is so long that some people have given up in the middle. But what will they do even after reaching home, when there will be no job.

The government is doing everything that they can, but somewhere they have missed it that from where will they arrange the expensive ticket for rail and media, which shows everything on the Television, can they not help the poor?

All of us are comfortable at home and are cooking well but at the same time a mother might be crying for their children’s food and some labors would leave the thirst behind and walking towards their house, without seeing day and night.

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