Book Review: The Man She Betrayed by Mahum Sheikh

The Man She Betrayed novel is written by Mahum Sheikh, who is a Wattpad writer.

The main character of the story is Clara and Aaron, these two meet after six years later, Clara and Aaron are married but Clara runs away with Aaron’s brother on the wedding night because Clara was against this marriage and generate feelings for Aaron’s brother.

Years later everything had changed, Clara was no longer like it used to be, her past made her what she is now. Aaron’s brother tells him that Clara betrayed him, that’s why he returned home but the thing was different.

When Aaron finds out how Clara lives after his brother leave her all alone, where no one is with Clara and after a lot of trouble, she is working today, Clara was a daughter of a billionaire but one of her mistakes forces her to wander on the streets.

The pain, discomfort and deception are visible in the story and this is what makes it interesting as well. I highly recommend this book to read. My rating for this book is 5/5.

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