Book Review: The Good Wife by Miesumae

The Good Wife story is written by Miesumae on Wattpad. This story is of Delancy and Kerrick. After Delancy father’s shop caught fire, he was in huge debt. Meanwhile, friends of Delancy’s father place an offer in front of her that if she marries his son, he will repay his debts and Delancy said Yes to him without thinking.

Kerrick and Delancy get married but their relationship was not like husband and wife, despite this Delancy used to fulfil all the duty of being a good wife and probably because of this, it had created a wake in Kerrick’s heart.

It was not easy of Delancy to make a place in Kerrick’s heart because Kerrick didn’t have a good childhood. The story also has several beating parts but this story of two strangers makes it interesting.

I like this story very much and I hope you all will love it too. My rating for this book is 5/5.

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