Book Review: Even Before Seeing Her by Saviya Syed

Even Before Seeing Her is a Wattpad novel written by Saviya Syed. This story is written above Anna and Bruce. What makes this story interesting is its name, which is very unique.

When Anna returned from Australia after many years, his father was taking his last breath. Anna’s father’s friend tells her that her father’s last wish was for Anna to marry my son, Bruce.

Anna signs a married agreement without thinking anything and does not know the name of the man, she gets married. Anna’s life changes in an instant.

On the other hand, Bruce was not ready for this marriage but he also has to sign a married agreement. Bruce father has to go out to work and Anna goes to Bruce house alone but Bruce men don’t let her inside and make her sign the divorce papers and Anna left.

Bruce found it strange for Anna without saying anything and left, which was going to make him spend much sleepless night. Anna’s aunt doesn’t allow her to enter the house and which make Anna reach the church and live there.

Bruce lawyer tells him that he needs to take Anna’s signature again for Divorce but Bruce doesn’t find Anna anywhere. One year past and Bruce still searching for Anna and their destiny brought them back together as maid and boss.

The writer has written this story in such a way that no one can get bored and the ups and downs of the story make it interesting.

I liked this story very much maybe you like it too. My rating for this book is 5/5.

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