Book Review: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne

“The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” written by John Boyne, an Irish Novelist. The book is also adapted into a film in 2008 of the same name.

John Boyne

A mystery story which will be forever a mystery from World War 2, Bruno, a nine-year-old boy lived in Berlin, has to move to Out-With, he was not happy but finds a prisoner camp behind his new house, where prisoners wear striped pyjamas.

Bruno finds a boy named Shmuel behind the fence, in striped pyjamas, Bruno became his best friend. One day Bruno plans to search Shmuel father and get inside the prison camp and left behind his clothes near the fence and wear the striped pyjamas.

They get inside the gas Chamber, Bruno doesn’t find Shmuel father and decide to never leave Shmuel hand. After that day no one finds Bruno, his family get back to Berlin. His father becomes ruthless and after sometime allow himself to be taken by prisoners.

The book ends here but always a mystery and also with the phrase “Of course, all of this happened a long time ago and nothing like that could ever happen again. Not in this day and age.”

The story is a mystery which is never be solve and that’s make me indulge in it more and more. No one knows what will happen next but the unspoken words always makes us wonder what happens to Bruno and Shmuel. I highly recommend this book for mystery and historical lovers.

My ratings for this book is 5/5.

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