Book Review: The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint -Exupery

The Little Prince, this story is a fictional story written by Antoine De Saint – Exupery, which depicts the life and behavior of humans. Antonie De Saint – Exupery was a French writer, he has written many poems and novels. He has also won many awards.

Antoine De Saint – Exupery (1900 – 1944)

The story of The Little Prince is told by a narrator where he first tells about himself, that he once has a liking for painting and also made a picture, in which a snake swallows an elephant, he showed it to the grown-ups but after seeing that painting, all told him that’s a hat, and advised him to leave the painting and do something else.

The narrator becomes a pilot but one day his aeroplane crashed and he reached dessert. It took him a lot of time to rebuild his aeroplane and in the meantime, he meets Little Prince.

Little Prince was of a very short height, he came from one of the asteroids. One day he asks the narrator to draw him a picture of sheep and the narrator also shows him his old painting of snake swallowing elephant and the Little Prince guess that picture as Narrator only.

Little Prince tells that the planet he came from is very small and there are only three volcanoes and one flower which is a matter of his concern. He does not want to let that flower to happen anything. he is disappointed with all other planets he went to and now came to earth.

In this novel, you will know of all those experiences of Little Prince and grown-ups of the other planets, where one believes everything works according to him and another told him that he is the owner of Stars while he cannot even touch them.

Little prince on earth met with countless flowers blooming in a garden, a snake and a fox. The flowers were exactly like his flower, Little Prince flower always told him that she’s special to him because she is the only one on his planet but now Little Prince knows that his flower is not the only one in the world and he was disappointed.

The Fox explained to him that what is ours is only special for us because the flowers garden he saw were not at all get love while he loves his flower so his flower is special. After hearing this Little Prince realize his mistake and plans to get back to his planet but we never know if he is or not.

The narrator tried to search Little Prince but he doesn’t find him. The story describes nature and human behaviour.

I recommend this book highly to all and mostly to children’s, to know about there environment and to decide for themselves what’s good for them.

My rating for the book is 5/5.

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