Book Review: Sheikh Chilli by Maple Press

Sheikh Chilli aka Sufi-Abd-ur-Razak is a very famous character in India, he was the master of Mughal Prince Dara Shikoh in 16th Century. He lived in his imagination and dreams himself as Prince, Businessman, Huband, Father and more.

I am telling you one of his stories today, Sheikh Chilli was a poor man and got a pot of milk and decides to separate milk into two equal parts and drank the milk from one of the pot and added curd on the other pot to make the curd.

He started dreaming, he dreams himself to be very rich and thinks to make butter out of the curd and later heat the butter and converted it into ghee. He will go to the market and sell the ghee and with the money, he gets from the ghee, he will buy hen and his hen will give him eggs and eggs will hatch and there will be many hens and later hundreds of eggs and he will open poultry farm.

He will after some time sell all the hens and buy cows and will open dairy farm and sell milk and will become very rich and one day marries a beautiful girl and will have a son and if somebody complains him about his son he’ll teach them a lesson with a stick and while dreaming all this he hit the pot of milk with a stick and get back from his dreaming.

Sheikh Chilli was poor because he doesn’t want to work and always dreaming and lives in his dream so this story teaches us a very good lesson to ‘Work Hard to fulfil your dreams or goals because with doing nothing will lead you nowhere’.

My ratings for the book is 5/5.

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