Book Review: The Billionaire’s Contract by LMCryBaby

The Billionaire’s Contract is a novel written by LMCryBaby on Wattpad, which received 1.3 million views with 46.7k votes.

The Billionaire’s Contract is a story of Lucian King and Malea Hayes. One day Lucian father drops a bomb on him if he not get married in a month he will never get the company and Lucian went to a club to think about the plan. He met Malea at the bar counter, she was a bartender and Lucian asks her to marry him but Malea rejects him and told him that her friend Alessandra has a huge crush on him and both of them can get married and she’ll get a job in his company.

Alessandra and Lucian met and signed a contract and get married. Things were good but later Lucian started liking Malea and Malea get broken up with Levi. Alessandra changed a lot and the fame and money make her greedy. Lucian confesses his liking for Malea but Malea rejects him because he’s her friend’s husband.

Lucian finally confesses in front of the press that he no longer love Alessandra and giving her a divorce. Alessandra makes a plan with Winter and Myra to kill Malea. Malea was happy because Lucian confesses his love to her but later gets kidnapped.

Myra was Lucian cousin but Levi was his ex-boyfriend and to take her revenge from Malea she kidnapped her and give her poison. Lucian finds her and all three of them sent to jail.

Malea and Lucian went to California to meet Malea family but Isabella a cousin of Malea friends tries to break her relationship with Lucian and makes Malea guilty in front of her family but later the truth reveals. Lucian proposed Malea and both get married and live happily ever after.

The story is an amazing and little twist and turns to make it interesting, I highly recommend this to read. My ratings for the book is 5/5.

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