Book Review: Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

Pinocchio an adventure novel was written by Carlo Collodi during the 18th Century, he was an Italian author and journalist, known for his work ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’.

Carlo Collodi (1826 – 1890)

Pinocchio is a story of a puppet made by carpenter ‘Geppetto’ from wood. Geppetto lived alone and has no family so one day a fairy gives life to Pinocchio. Geppetto was happy and sent Pinocchio to school for study.

Pinocchio was not interested in the study and one day ran with another boy, who also hate study like him but a theatre owner caught Pinocchio and use him as a puppet for his show.

Pinocchio feels sorry and one-day fairy saw him crying. She asks him a question and he gives her the wrong answer and with each false answer, his nose gets bigger. Pinocchio was ashamed and ask the fairy to forgive him.

Pinocchio was free and went to search for Geppetto, he saw a whale swallow Geppetto inside his mouth and Pinocchio decides to save Geppetto and get inside his mouth too. They both lit the fire inside whale stomach and he coughed and both thrown out in the sea and they get back to home and Pinocchio became a good son.

The novel contains a very good lesson for each one of us to “Never lie”. For Children’s, this novel is very good and I highly recommend this.

My rating for this novel is 5/5.

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