Book Review: Adam and Eve by Maple Press

Adam and Eve book by Maple Press, illustrating class tales for children. Adam and Eve was a first single pair, God made according to religious myths.

Adam and Eve live in Garen of Eden and Gold told them to eat any fruit from the garden except the fruit from the tree of Knowlege of Good and Evil.

One day a snake came to Eve and told her to eat fruit from Tree of Knowledge and Evil. Eve refuses to eat but snake told her if she eats it, she will too become God.

Eve eats the fruit and gave some to Adam too. Good soon knew the truth and became angry and punished all of them. He punished snake first and told him that he will now crawl from his body and eat dust and Children of Eve will dislike him and he’ll always hurt them.

God told Eve, now she’ll give birth to children and suffer pain and for Adam, he told him now he has to work hard for food, clothes and shelter.

God sent them out from the garden and placed and an angel with a sword to protect “Garden of Eden”.

The moral of the story is “Never disobey God, he always chooses well for His Children”. My rating for this book is 5/5.

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