Book Review: Coffee And Papers by Mercy Kalu

Coffee and Paper, a book written by Mercy Kalu aka Mercy198 on Wattpad. The book received 6.3 million views and 309k votes.

A story of Emerson and Lucas, Emerson was working hard to pay her house rent and food. She works as a waitress in a diner, Ema gets a chance to give an interview in one of the big company.

Ema gets late for her interview and after so many requests, she gets the chance to be interviewed. Being a chatterbox, she talks a lot and Lucas her interviewer or the CEO of Hendrix insulted her called her a waitress and told her to clean table her whole life.

Ema was sad and while going home, she gets into an accident and her ankle get twisted. Chris or Christian who run his car on her took her to the hospital and became her sort of friend. Ema gets the job but it’s hard for her to work as Lucas PA.

Chris was Lucas half brother and they both don’t get along very well. Chris mother hates Lucas and wants Chris to be the CEO and even she was mentally ill.

Chris started falling for Ema and proposed her in front of the whole office and Ema was confused but said YES to him, Lucas was watching them but he doesn’t know why he feels uneasy.

Lucas grandfather died and Chris mother changed his will and take place of CEO in the company. Lucas was sad and Ema too not liking all this.

On the ball, Ema confessed Lucas that she loves him and broke up with Chris. Chris gets angry and beats Lucas. Lucas also confesses his love for Ema and both decide to get married.

Lucas told Chris about his mother being mentally ill but Chris does not listen to him. Chris later found out, she was the one who killed her father and Chris decides to do what is right.

Police arrested Chris mother and Lucas and Ema welcomes a baby boy whom they named ‘Christian’. The story is interesting, Lucas was called illegitimate child his whole life and one family he left with was his Grandfather, who also left him alone but now he has Ema.

Ema was broken and alone after her parent’s death but now she has Lucas. The only who left alone was Chris and his miss perfect will soon have to come.

My rating for this book is 5/5.

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