Book Review: In Love With Mr. Billionaire by Analia Rainne

In Love With Mr. Billionaire, a book is written by blooming_rose18 aka Analia Rainne on Wattpad. The book received 28.6 million views and 961k votes.

Caroline life is a hell for her, her dad treats her badly while her stepmother and sister hate her. Her father threw her out of his house and calls her with slutty names. Caroline works at a small cafe and one day she encountered with Aaron Woodwords and crashes his car and in return threw money at his face.

Aaron Woodwords, a multi-billionaire, wants to take revenge from that mystery girl and later find her as James daughter, whom he hate her a lot.

Caroline father wants her stepdaughter to tie the knot with Aaron so he can use his money for his benefits. Caroline gets along with Aaron a little and soon started liking him and one day her father drops off the bomb of Lahania getting married to Aaron.

Aaron was angry on his dad for agreeing with James to marry his daughter otherwise he has to give 50% of his shares to James. Aaron makes a plan and switches names between Lahaina to Caroline.

Caroline get agreed for the wedding as his father doesn’t leave any choice for her and she started calling him and finally they get married. Aaron was happy too with his decision.

One day Caroline father called her and Aaron told her not to go but she still went there and made the huge mistake. He makes her sign the cheque of 400 thousand dollars and change it into millions.

Aaron was not angry at her but Caroline told him to stop the transfer process and she also told him about her family, how they treat her and everything.

Aaron was so angry after hearing this and decides to destroy James and with the help of Dylan, Caroline cousin, he succeeded in sent him jail too.

Caroline mother came back to her and all live happily ever after. The book is amazing and a great read.

My rating for this book is 5/5.

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