Book Review: New Girl In The Office by Star_That_Shines

New Girl In The Office is a second book in New Girl Series by Star_That_Shines on Wattpad. The book received 639k views with 51.9k votes on Wattpad.

A story about Zyva and Sufyaan, Zyva came to New York for further studies in Business Management and joins Sufyaan office to learn some marketing skills. Sufyaan was the head of Marketing Department and always refuse to get married.

Sufyaan, after his mother’s death, doesn’t want to add a new person in his life because he doesn’t want to be alone. Sufyaan sister Kehara, tried to set him with many girls but he refused them. Zyva in India promise her dad not to fall in love with anyone in New York.

Zyva has a cousin same name as Sufyaan, who wants to marry her but she hate him and she always compare him with her boss Sufyaan and starts falling for him. Sufyaan being the tough guy started feeling something for Zyva which he also doesn’t know, which later his best friend Afzal, make him realize.

Sufyaan suddenly propose Zyva and in return Zyva told him that she hate him and went back to India. Zyva uncle visit Sufyaan and told him to go to India and talk with her father. Zyva was sad, the way she reacted with Sufyaan was just for him to hate her because she remembers her promise with her dad.

Sufyaan came to India and ask her father and in return his father told him to impress his family first. Both the Sufyaan were on same boat and Zyva was confused, he wants Zyva to be happy just. Zyva father talked with his family and everyone praise Sufyaan. At last Zyva father choose the best one for Zyva, the one she love and after one year both get married.

Both Sufyaan and Zyva faced a lot of problems first and at last their love won. An amazing read this one, I highly recommend you all to read this book on Wattpad, you can also read it offline as well. It’s a muslim story, so it contains some urdu words too. (Urdu is a language). My rating for this book is 5/5.

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