Book Review: Running Into Mr. Billionaire by Raneem Hasan

Running Into Mr Billionaire, a novel written by FreedomHasan aka Raneem Hasan on Wattpad. The book gains 44.6 million reads and 1.2 million votes on Wattpad.

Two heartbroken souls get to unite and heal each other. How you deal with your life when you get beaten daily, get raped, starve for food and no one loves you?

A story about Rose Kelley and Damon William both were heartbroken and hurt, Rose ran away from her stepfather and ran into Damon and that’s how they met.

Damon gives her a job as his assistant and told her to stay in the house. Rose met Liam at her workplace and soon both became friends. But her past walk into her life.

Rose was raped by his ex-boyfriend Rick and then he sent to jail but later her stepfather makes Ricks out of the prison and plans Rick’s and Rose wedding, that’s the time she ran away. But he comes back.

Damon and Rose loved each other but Damon sister Alley helps Rick to get Rose, Rose gets kidnapped by Rick and forced her to marry her.

Rose met Rick’s mom there and finds out she was Damon’s mother, who was also a victim of Rick’s father and both Rick and Damon are half brother.

Damon founds her but while saving her gets shot but survived. Rick’s was dad, Alley sent to jail and both Damon and his mother caught up.

Damon and Rose get married and blessed with son ‘Troy’ and daughter ‘Julia’.

My rating for this book is 5/5.

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