Book Review: One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

One Indian Girl, a fiction novel, written by Chetan Bhagat one of the bestseller authors in India, published by Rupa & Co. in 2016.

A story about Radhika, an investment banker, works at Goldman Sachs, getting married to Brijesh in Goa. She remembers her childhood, how nerdy she was, the opposite of her sister.

Radhika was getting married but she was not happy, her parents want her to get married so she searches a groom for herself on and met Brijesh.

During her wedding, her two ex-boyfriends Debashish and Neel, ask her to back off the wedding. Radhika was confused, she loved Debashish before but he broke up with her because he wants a housewife and later she found him with another woman. Neel, on the other hand, was her boss’s boss but they end up as a friend with benefits.

On the day before her wedding, she talks with both of them and told them how she feels. She even cancelled her wedding to go on a vacation to clear her mind. Radhika met Brijesh again and help him set up his business.

The story is a little bit confused, Radhika was soo confused about what to choose or not. She plans the wedding after saying ‘Yes’ to her parents and later found herself confused.

I don’t like the story much. My rating for this book is 3.5/5.

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