Book Review: His Reason To Smile by LoveDreamsLife00

His Reason To Smile, a book written by LoveDreamsLife00 aka N&M on Wattpad. The book received 239k reads and 8.1k votes.

Two broken hearts, dealing with their hilarious past, met each other as Boss and Assistant. The story is about Vanessa Woods and Samuel Grey. Vanessa was alone in this world, as her parents left her and move on their life, she lends a job in US Textile Company as Samuel’s Assistant.

Samuel had a tragic past, his father beats him and his mother, when he gets bigger, he started his own company with his friends and moved out. He doesn’t believe in love because he doesn’t want to be like his dad.

The author describes how both fell for each other and how Samuel changed from rude to sweet. Many things happen, they kissed, Samuel mom’s started loving Vanessa as his daughter, Vanessa gets kidnapped by his father but nothing changed in their love.

Lovely story with little twist and turns. My rating for this book is 5/5.

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