Book Review: The CEO’s Love by Tuzzellwriter

The CEO’s Love a book written by Tuggelwriter aka Tammy Leigh on Wattpad. The book received 201k reads with 6.6k votes.

A story about a girl named Blake, lives with her mom and brother, in New York. They moved out of the Philippines after her dad got arrested. She landed a job of Personal Assistant at Anderson Enterprises.

She was informed before that her boss, also a CEO of Anderson Enterprise don’t like tardiness. Things started getting changed when Noah kissed Blake and dumped his date with Alex. Alex was Noah’s rival and also his ex murderer.

Blake mom’s get murdered by her dad and Noah took both Tristan, Blake’s brother and Blake at his home. Noah started falling for him and proposed her. Both were happy but her dad kidnapped, Blake and Alex were also involved in that.

Noah finds her and her dad get shot but Blake also get shot by her dad. Both Alex and Blake’s dad sent to jail. Blake later finds herself pregnant and welcomes twins. Noah and Blake finally get married and live happily.

This story will tell you about the pain Blake faced and her mother, her dad uses to beat them and later sent to jail but he ran away from there and killed her mom. Marks on Blake’s body will tell you about her pain.

The author put all her efforts and it’s worth it.

My rating for this book is 5/5.

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