Book Review: Purchased Wife by HopeCrazyReader17

Purchased Wife, a Wattpad novel, written by HopeCrazyReader17. The book received 5.8 million views and 156k votes.

The author here tries to describe, a woman’s pain, problems, hurt, which she gets by her own family not her mother and father but her uncle and aunt.

Emily Parker was fifteen when her parents died, she soon gets adopted by her mom’s sister. They treat her as trash and her uncle raped her. She gets beaten even on the small mistake and also she was their punching bag. Her only cure was her cousin brother, who once found, she gets raped by his father but even he does not present all the time.

They sold her to Liam Knight as his wife, he also not treat her well.

Emily thinks she will soon get free after getting married but she was wrong until Liam knows the truth.

The story contains pain a lot of, just think about a girl who is just fifteen of age and get raped by his uncle, gets bruises all over her body. She hates herself and now her husband was the same.

My rating for the book is 5/5.

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