Book Review: Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl

Lamb to the Slaughter, a short story written by Roald Dahl, was a British novelist, a short story writer and a fighter pilot. He was one of the famous classic writers during 90s. Dahl wrote 48 books in total.

Lamb to the Slaughter, was a mysterious and suspicious story. Mary Maloney, a happy woman and pregnant, waiting for his husband for dinner. Her husband came but looked a bit tired. She asked him to get ready for supper because it’s Thursday and they both went out to eat. Her husband rejects to go.

Mary asks him either she’ll make lamb chops or pork but he rejects. He asks her to sit down and told her that he wants a divorce, Mary was shocked and stood up and told him she’ll make supper and start removing the paper from the leg of lamb.

Her husband stood up and told her, he is going out, Mary without any pause, swung the lamb towards him, which hit his head and he died.

Mary came to her senses and think about her baby and makes a plan, she went out to buy vegetable and told the shopkeeper, his husband was tired, so she’s preparing him food as they can’t go out.

She acts as a loving wife and saw her husband Patrick body and cried because now there was no need to act. She called the police station and soon they reached. Mary told him about that she went out then only this happened.

The first doubt Mary but everything gets confirmed that she’s innocent, she asks them if they are hungry and later serves them, the weapon of the murder, “Leg of the Lamb”.

Patrick was a detective but his wife also learns from him. Mary did all this for her unborn child and Patricks asking her for divorce, lead her to be a murderer. This story will always for them a mystery because they can’t find the weapon, as they eat it.

My rating for this is 5/5.

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