Book Review: Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing, a comedy play, written by William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare was one of the most popular classic writers of his time and written 40 plays. His works still loved by all.

Much Ado About Nothing, is one of my personal favourite play by him. The catfighting between Beatrice and Benedick, Claudio’s love for Hero but blamed her for infidelity.

This play revolves around four characters, Claudio, a Count and in love with ‘Hero’, Hero, a daughter of Governor of Messina ‘Leonato’, Beatrice, niece of ‘Leonato’ and Benedick, a soldier.

Claudio confesses his love for Hero and soon both get engaged. Beatrice and Benedick always insult each other. Don John, bastard brother of Don Pedro “Price of Aargon” and a companion of Claudio, plans to stop the wedding by proving Hero as unfaithful.

Claudio announced that he doesn’t want to marry Hero because she’s unfaithful and Hero gets faint. Beatrice and Benedick make a plan to tell everyone that Hero is dead, which will make Claudio realize his mistake.

Soon everyone gets the truth about Don John and Claudio started blaming himself for Hero’s death and ask Hero’s father for forgiveness. Leonato told him to marry his niece, who just look like Hero and he agreed. On their wedding day, he got stunned seeing Hero and truth gets revealed, that is alive.

Beatrice and Benedick get tricked by others, who plans to get them together and their plans worked. Soon they dissolve their differences and come close by all this time and get together.

Shakespeare imagination and writing was beyond this world. My rating for this book is 5/5.

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