Book Review: The Billionaire’s Teenage Bride by ATANRUP

The Billionaire’s Teenage Bride, a romantic novel written by Jannati Sheikh aka ATANRUP on Wattpad. The book gets 312k views and 9.2k likes.

What will happen, if someone drops a bomb on you, that you are getting married and your decision is not required? and you are only seventeen years old.

This a story of a girl named Alona, seventeen years old, a high school student. Suddenly her parents fix her marriage with Alexander Roy Arickson, twenty-five years old and also her bully.

They force her to get married to him but she hates him the most, on the other hand, Roy was her stalker and always love her but he always does pranks to her, to make her annoyed.

They started getting along but the truth comes to Alona that Roy beat and threat every boy of her school, to stay away from her that makes her soo mad at him but Roy was only protecting her.

Alona friend Damian kidnapped her because he blames her father for his parent’s death. Alona later rescued by Roy and everyone gets the truth that, its not Alona father who was driving that day but one of his employee.

Damian also torturing Krystal, Roy sister for two years, to keep an eye on Alona. Alona and Roy confess their love to each other.

It’s a simple read and story is also quite captivating.

My rating for this book is 4/5.

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