Book Review: Ex-Husband Turned Boss by Deetronite

Ex-Husband Turned Boss, a book written by Deetronite on Wattpad. The book gets 3.2M views with 92k votes.

What will happen if you get divorced, twenty-nine years old, unemployed and doesn’t know what to do in your life?

Aubery Goldstein, twenty-nine years old, a divorced woman, not a good mother, struggling each day and her ex enters in her life.

Bryce Roberts now a successful billionaire blames Aubery for their broken relationship but still he loves her. He met her in a coffee shop and after knowing she is jobless, he hired her as his personal assistant.

Bryce find out, she has a son, Israel and later finds out it’s his son. Bryce asks her for his full custody. Aubery first think about it but later agreed with him because she was not a good mother.

Bryce friend Leo told him Israel need both of his parents and you both sort out your problems.

Bryce told Aubrey, he doesn’t want his custody and he wants both of them. Soon they resolve their issues and get back together.

In their case, Aubrey left him because she thought he doesn’t love her anymore and Bryce, on the other hand, was trying his best to fulfil Aubrey needs. If they talked before, then maybe they don’t get a divorce but their misunderstanding and miscommunication lead them to end their marriage.

My rating for this book is 5/5.

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