Book Review: Am I Married? by Nimra. Z

Am I Married? a book by Nimra. Z on Wattpad. The book get 922k views and 30. 8k likes on Wattpad.

The story is about an eighteen-year-old girl named Sanaya Frances, an orphan, struggling in her life and has no money for college. She lands a job at Hobsons Mansion as a chef, she was happy but things changed.

Ashar Hobsons, the second son of Matt Hobsons, was getting married to his childhood friend Samara. In front of the world, it’s a love marriage but its a business deal for him.

On the day of their wedding, Samara went somewhere and placed Sanaya in her place, as the bride and pulled a thick veil on her, so no one finds the truth.

Shanaya was in deep trouble, she waited for Samara to come fast but they already took the vows and lights went off and Samara took Sanaya place but the ring still shines in Sanaya hand.

Sanaya was mistakenly signed legal documents by which now everyone knew, the truth. All blamed Sanaya, as she was behind money but she confirmed them that she doesn’t want a single penny.

No one treats her well not even Ashar. Sanaya was forced not to talk with anyone and live in mansion till they both get divorced.

The one who took care of Sanaya and other orphans was stabbed by a thief, so Sanaya went to visit her mother. Sanaya never knew, who were her real parents but she treats her as her mother.

Ashar and Sanaya came close by this and somehow they became so close that Sanaya give him, her virginity and later she found being pregnant with his child.

After listening to this news, Ashar parents started treating her well because she was giving them an heir. Ashar doesn’t accept it. Sanaya, at last, asks him, what he wants but he doesn’t reply.

Sanaya decides to leave the mansion with her baby because she can’t give her baby a good future. Sanaya gives birth to a girl, signed the divorce papers and soon left to another city with a letter, which says, don’t find me and please take care of Zoya, her daughter.

It took a lot of time to Ashar realize that he loves her but she already left. He located her after six months but because his father was not in good condition, it took him three years to go to her.

Sanaya now works in iAdverts, an advertisement company and Ashar came there with the business proposal but he was there for Sanaya. He sent Zoya to Sanaya house to make them create a mother-daughter bond.

He asks for Sanaya forgives and told her they are still married. Sanaya saw Samara and Ashar again and mistook them. Ashar tried to explain her but she doesn’t listen to him. Samara then explains everything that she is already married to Daniel.

Sanaya took Zoya with her and went to New York to confront Ashar. Everyone was happy after seeing her and both get together again.

The author explains in this story, where ever you go, love will never leave your side. Ashar and Sanaya were in confused marriage but it’s their fate which get them together and Zoya was the fruit of their love.

My rating for this book is 5/5.

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