Book Review: Until Love Sets Us Apart by Aditya Nighhot

Until Love Sets Us Apart book written by Adiya Nighhot, an MBBS Doctor, it’s his second book, published in 2018. First was distributed among his family members and friends.

While reading this book, I was soo excited to know what happened to Rohit and Aisha but later this makes me cried a lot. I never thought something gonna is happening like this in their life.
“In a blink of an eye”

The author actually bring such a real story in front of us and give us a question, What will we do if we will be in a position like Rohit? who lost his love by some ungrateful man’s, who just want to fulfil their needs and killed a life.

Aisha and Rohit were getting married, they were together since their college days and finally, their parents agreed for them, their names already printed in wedding cards but something changed everything.

Aisha went to the club at night and some sex craves men took her and killed her after using her. Court also doesn’t give her justice. Rohit took revenge from all those who were killer’s for Aisha’s loss and later went to jail.

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