Book Review: New Girl in the City by Star_That_Shines

New Girl in the City is the first book in New Girl series by Star_That_Shines on Wattpad. New Girl in the City is one of the most popular among the three books of New Girl Series.

It’s a Muslim Story of Kehara and Aman. Kehara was moving to New York, leaving behind her memories of her mother in Mumbai. Her Father and Brother live in New York and after losing her mother, she was alone and her Father asked her to come to them.

In New York, she met Aman sister, Noor in her college. Aman was her Brother’s friend and her father works for Aman’s Dad. During Muslim gathering’s they met. Kehara one’s saw Aman’s dad not treating her wife good and Noor was also the same towards her mother. She talked with Aman about this and Aman told her that his dad doesn’t like her since marriage and Noor also treat her mother as his dad.

Kehara makes a plan to make Aman’s dad realize his mistake but Aman’s mom get into an accident and which make Aman’s dad realize her worth and he asks for her forgiveness.

Aman and Kehara’s brother leaves for the different city for higher studies. Years passed and now Kehara works for Aman’s dad and Aman still holds someplace for kehara in his heart.

When they get back to New York, things change and everyone now wants Aman to get married. Aman’s feeling for Kehara was hidden to his mother but he doesn’t want to break his friendship with Sufiyaan, Kehara’s brother.

After lots of discussion, Aman’s dad gets agreed for Kehara and sent a proposal to Kehara. Kehara was confused but after knowing Aman’s feeling she agreed.

Aman’s grandfather once gets hospitalized and ask kehara and Aman to get married. Nikah arranged the same day but Kehara told to get her Walima after her exams get over.

Aman was angry to her for this but later he thinks she doesn’t love him and forced for this marriage. Kehara was upset about this and confess to him that she got married to him because she likes him. Aman feels sorry but when he went to apologise, Kehara left to India to meet her Grandmother.

One day Kehara get a call that in which plane Aman was flying, get crashed and he was missing. Kehara went back to New York and was soo sad. Aman was finally found but he was in the worst condition.

Aman gets back to home and surprised Kehara. Kehara was soo happy, seeing him and cry. After her exams get over, they have Walima and soon both finally live together and happy.

The story is soo captivating and makes you engage. Kehara and Aman story is not a perfect one but they make it perfect. The author also lights on Muslim culture and values.

My ratings for this book is 5/5. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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