Policy Bazar: Process, Working, Information & More

Policy Bazar everyone heard about this. Is it safe or not, this question erupts in everyone’s mind and also how it works. So, let me clear it, it’s safe to use. You can buy Insurance, of any type like Health, Life, Critical Illness, Personal Accident & Travel Insurance in your budget. 

If anyone heard of Trivago, which compares every hotel’s prices and show you that best, Policy Bazar is same like that. Policy Bazar compares all company policy plans to you, so you can select which one you want. 

To purchase a policy, what documents required:-

  1. Open Policy Bazar.com and select options between health, life, critical illness, personal accident, travel & car and motor insurance.
  2. Fill details like Your name, age, mobile number, email id, amount and your diseases.
  3. Fill your spouse age, children age.
  4. Moving on with the details, many companies come into view like HDFC, TATA, STAR, Reliagre, Aditya Birla, MAX Bupa, and more.
  5. You can also compare three plans between them.
  6. After comparing, you can see the comparison like this.

7. Select the plan and buy it, filling other details like Aadhar card number, Nominee details ( details required in Health Insurance).

During the comparison, you can check which company provide you with better services.

Documents required in Life Insurance:-

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Pan Card
  3. Income Proof
  4. Photo

Documents required in Travel Insurance:-

  1. Ticket
  2. Pan Card
  3. Details for Where too
  4.  For how many days.

Policy Bazar from my point of view is best for everyone to select and check all requirements, we required. Apollo was the best plan before but as it merged with HDFC, HDFC will be as like Apollo and MAX Bupa is also one of the best plans.

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