Book Review: The Boy with a broken Heart by Durjoy Datta

The boy with a broken heart, a sequel of The boy who loved, is a fiction novel written by Durjoy Datta and published by Penguin.

The story starts with Advaita, a middle-class girl, lives in Dehradun, facing a lot of problems with her family because of his uncle, aunt and grandfather. They treat them like trash.

Suddenly she met Raghu, who started living in Dehradun leaving behind his family. Advaita’s elder sister, Divya was a victim of Meghnath, who accused her as a prostitute and Divya decide to go to Delhi, to earn money.

Advaita left alone and started spending her time with Raghu and soon both started a coaching centre for IIT students. Meghnath sent a proposal to Advaita for marriage and soon both get engaged.

Divya called Advaita and inform her that she get a job in Dubai and wants her family to go with them. Advaita rejects her first but later agreed.

Advaita, her parents and Raghu, went to Delhi but Meghnath found them and tries to throw acid at Advaita. Raghu started fighting with him and spill acid at Meghnath. After that day no one finds Raghu, Advaita gets a call from Brahmini, who was dead to Raghu but still alive.

This book still holds a mystery like the first book.

My rating for the book is 4.5/5.

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