Book Review: Mr. Billionaire’s Mrs. Clumsy by Siddhi Kadam

“Mr Billionaire’s Mrs Clumsy”, a Wattpad novel by SkWookie aka Siddhi Kadam, an Indian writer. Mr Billionaire’s Mrs Clumsy is the 5th novel of Siddhi Kadam. Its a billionaire story. Book recieved 867k reads on Wattpad with 28.5k votes.

A billionaire Aaron King is an arrogant billionaire but he doesn’t waste his time for girls. Eva Collins is a hardworking girl but a disaster, she always falls, lends a job as the personal assistant of Assistant Manager in Kings & Co. Their first was not good at all, she tripped and fall but Aaron holds her and called her ‘clumsy’. Eva went to give some documents to Aaron and spilt hot coffee at him, which make him angered. Next day Aaron’s lawyer told him if he doesn’t get married before the age of 27, his property will be transferred to trust.

Aaron friend Adam, suggest him to do a contract for a year but to a girl, whom he hates so he doesn’t fell in love. Eva went to apologize to Aaron but he fired him for yesterday act but after she left, Adam suggests him to marry Eva and soon Eva accepted the proposal otherwise, she’ll be accused to call Aaron, a gay.

Both get married but still, Eva doesn’t like him and did stupid pranks, like “mixing horse urine in Aaron perfume”. Aaron but started not to hate her but like her. Eva still confused to give Aaron a chance as she still doesn’t forget Liam, her ex. Riley, Adam sister, love Aaron but after getting know that their marriage is fake, she plans to break their marriage with Liam. Riley talked with Eva and Eva was so confused, she accepted her offer but still, she was confused.

Aaron and Eva getting divorced but soon Eva realizes that she doesn’t love Liam and confess his love for Aaron. Eva and Aaron were happy but soon Eva gets kidnapped and sold to Mr Vasiliev by Xavier, Mafia leader. Aaron was restless and killed Xavier but can’t find Eva. Eva was named as Diana and forced to sleep with other man but she told him no and said she’s Aaron King wife. Sofia, wife of a man, he was forced to sleep, secretly called Aaron and he went there and take Eva with him.

Again they are together and lived happily.

My rating for this book is 4/5…….

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