Book Review: The Girl He Never Noticed by Sweetdreamer 33

The Girl He Never Noticed is written by Sweetdreamers33 aka Neilani Alejandrino. Neilani has written seventeen books on New Adult at Wattpad. Her works include Monterio Series, Petrakis Series, Valiente Series, Russo Series and other Short Stories. Neilani has 1.28 million followers on Wattpad.

“The Girl He Never Noticed” is the second book in Petrakis Series, a story of Eros Petrakis and Jade Collins. Jade is a hardworking work, works at a cafe to her heart patient mother and sister. Jade wore huge glasses with graces and always wear a black wig to hide her beauty. Eros other hand is a billionaire and a bad boy, who claims not to have a heart in him.

The place where Jade works, Eros went for coffee with his bodyguard to remove his hangover. Jade made coffee for him, which was liked by him but he doesn’t notice her at all. Eros began to carve for her coffee. On the other day, Eros offers her a job to make only coffee for him and he also tripled her salary but Jade decline his offer. After the sudden death of the owner, Jade was jobless, she accepted Eros offer and started working with him to make his perfect coffee.

Eros call her anytime he wants to drink coffee but one day when Jade went in his to give him coffee, she saw him half-naked and a cup of coffee felt down. Eros blamed her for this and she left. Eros call her anytime to drink coffee which makes Jade restless. Once they argued and she quit. Eros still carve for her and her coffee. He calls her anytime because he wants to see her just. Later Eros made a plan and went to Jade house and told her if she doesn’t come back, she had to pay millions for the cup she broke that day or she went to jail. Jade but don’t want to make his coffee only, she wants to pursue another job so Eros hired her as his assistant.

Eros even planned to gift her house in good society so they can live near to his house and safe too. Once Eros handling a deal which was going out of his hand because he’s not married. Eros asks Jade to do contract marriage with her and she agreed. Eros started to like her but the day Eros taking her to meet her with his family he saw a different Jade or his lost Ginger. Jade finally want to show the world the real her, she removed her wig and transformed herself again as old jade. Eros was confused first that she was her Ginger but Jade told her she doesn’t know any Ginger. On their engagement day, Jade first love came to meet her and seeing Jade with Joseph, made Eros angry.

Eros was confused that how can Joseph is another man, that’s him she named Joseph. It was their past when Jade and Eros met at the Bar and end up with one night stand but still strangers to each other and at that time only Jade named his Joseph and he called her Ginger.

Later Eros told Jade that he loves her and wants this married to be real and Jade confesses to that he loves her to break the contract. Before their marriage, Jade took Eros with her and see a small child playing when Eros ask her who is that and why you are hiding yourself. Jade told him that was their son “Zion”. Eros ask the Zion adopted parents for him to visit their marriage and they agreed but Zion was not with them. Zion lived with them for some years when his adopted parents suddenly left him at their doors and no one found their whereabouts. Zion started Jade and Eros more and his memory with his adopted parents started fading. Eros and welcome their second child “Emerald” who looks exactly as Jade.

Later Zion adopted parents came back and took Zion with them. Zion was so sad and angry but later Zion told them he wants to be with them, he sees Eros in himself because he looks like him. Eros and Jade were happy getting Zion back and later Jade get pregnant again with second daughter “Crystal”.

The Girl He Never Noticed is read 215 million times with 6.78 million votes. It’s now on Wattpad available in paid stories.

My rating for this book is 5/5.

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