Book Review on “You are the Best Friend” by Ajay K Pandey

Ajay K Pandey, bestseller author of the book “You are the Best Wife”, an IT professional, published his second novel “You are the Best Friend” in 2017, based on his real- life journey. After losing his beloved wife, he was lost and write down all his happy moment with her, which now termed as “You are the Best Wife”. You are the Best Friend published by Westland Publications Ltd.

You are the Best Friend book presents a journey where he lost the most important person in his life and he was in search of Life after Death. He was a depression patient and his doctor suggest him to travel. Ajay chooses for himself to attend an Art of Living program in Rudraprayag. He still not feel peace until he met Anisha. Anisha always tries to talk with him as a good friend but when she gets that Ajay doesn’t believe in God, made her get him out of his shell. Ajay also met Arvind uncle there and after knowing that he’s all alone in his life while in the whole program, he looks the happiest man.

At the end of the program, Ajay and Anisha still in touch but still Ajay don’t come out fully from his depression, everyone asked him to remarry after all he is secondhand and not getting younger. Ajay gets an email from a publisher that his book “You are the Best Wife” was selected to published but the next thing for Ajay is to how to promote his book. Anisha helped him with a mini launch at Coffee with Ajay K Pandey but still it not helped him.

Suddenly after some months his book get popular and became a bestseller, he asked his publisher who bought it in large amount and he gets to know that’s Anisha, who buy his books and distribute it to college students. Later Anisha asked him to attend his brother’s wedding, where Anisha has performed a dance with a guy named Vickey, Ajay doesn’t like it but don’t comment either and left.

His mother asked him to remarry and that too with Anisha but he refused later Anisha called him to meet and told him that her parents want her to get married that too with Vickey, she told him if she gets married he’ll leave alone like before and Ajay also leaving to Pune to join Cognizant.

Ajay received a letter one day, which he wrote to Bhavna, his late wife and gave to Arvind uncle through Anisha because he was going to die soon. That letter made him speechless and he decides something, he called Anisha to meet her asap and he packed all her wife clothes and gave that to Sai Kripa with tears in his eyes.

Ajay meets Anisha and asks her to be his best friend for life. He was not deleting a relationship but adding a new one and to “Never Surrender” in his life.

Ajay gives life a chance again but his story made you feel the pain and his love to his wife. For rating I give it 5/5 but its also less for such a great book.

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