Book Review on “I Tagged Her in my Heart” by Anuj Tiwari

Anuj Tiwari, Bestselling author of “It’s Not Right but It’s Okay” published “I Tagged Her in my Heart” on January 12, 2017. Book Published by Rupa Publications India Pvt Ltd. Apart from being an author, he’s a TEDx speaker and marketing consultant.

The story starts with Arjun, who’s brought up in Bareilly in Brahmin family. He is conservative in nature, don’t talk much and always made a distance with girls. He’s of twenty-six now and his mother wants him to get married but he doesn’t want to. He has hidden his weakness for Anushka, his college friend because he doesn’t want to lose his friends too.

Arjun lives in Mumbai with Ved his college friend and he’s also an author. Adrika his other college friend came to Mumbai from Bengaluru after a long time, which happens to be a get together among all four friends. Arjun stole Adrika’s notebook and don’t tell her. Adrika never told them anything which makes Arjun know her.

Adrika’s life was not easy, she belongs to a middle-class family and after his father’s death, she all shattered. She gets admission in a good college and all four becomes a friend. Anushka was one year senior, so she passed out first. Adrika had a best friend Iona, who’s different from her but still, they were best friend. Adrika already had a break up first which makes her Introvert. She gets a job before others and left to Mumbai. Iona and Ved were in a relationship but they had a terrible breakup which shattered Ved’s life. Sumrit, one of their football team captain asked Adrika for date and soon they end up together.

Arjun mom once told him that Adrika living with someone in Bengaluru which is not good for his reputation, so he cut his ties with her. He asked Adrika and Adrika told him everything but later Sumrit , broke up with Adrika which make her lost again.

Dimpy Aunty, Anushka mom helps her and Arjun too but secretly, she printed his books in 2000 copies without knowing him and also help Adrika to Stand up again. Dimpy Aunty is such a character, who can be your saviour and also your best friend. Later Arjun finally asks Anushka and tag her in his heart.

Dimpy Aunty’s character is someone we all need in our lives and this book teaches me “Whatever happens in your life never look back and life is filled with challenges, so take the experience of it and pass it”

“Life we get is for once so live it not regret it”

My Rating for this book is 5/5. #HappyReader

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