Bella Hadid dressed up as Catwoman for Halloween 2019 party

Bella Hadid, 23 yrs old, an American model, who recently titled as the most beautiful woman in the world, according to science, posted her Catwoman look of Halloween 2019 on Instagram.

Bella captured in a fully black outfit just as Batman and posing herself in front of a mirror on the washroom, looking all naughty and scary.

Bella in her other outfit for Halloween 2019, dressed up as Fred, a Cartoon Character. To make her look the same as Fred, she wore two-piece Leopard printed dress and accessorise her gorgeous look with small bone-shaped earrings and long boots. Her look makes her soo different and unique which left her fans always in wow.

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A @davidmushegain capture

A post shared by Bella 🦋 (@bellahadid) on

Bella along with her sister Gigi Hadid attended the Halloween party where Gigi Hadid found in fully different look from her sister. Gigi wore an outfit similar to the Mask character of a popular movie of the same name “The Mask”. Gigi wore a yellow colour suit, with same colour hat & coloured her face with a green colour resembling it as green mask & her hair was in a ponytail and accessorise herself with yellow hoops, matching with her outfit.

Many more personalities found during Halloween 2019 party such as  Paloma Elsesser, Kacey Musgraves, Devon Carlson, Renell Medrano, and many more.

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