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I’m Simran Srivastava, an author of Marriage Without Love novel. Recently launched my second book ‘The Last Goodbye’ pre-order it now. Hope you all are safe during this pandemic. Feel free to explore my writings and works.

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Marraige Without Love

A story about Aman and Arohi, who are married but without love. Will they ever find love in their arrange marriage? Read it to know more..

Join their journey from marriage to love.

The Last Goodbye

Sometimes we get tied up in some such relationships which are just a compulsion for us to fulfill. There was no emotion, nor a feeling of being with them. Life brings you to such a turning point where only settlement is left, the feelings are over.

Let’s know what happened in Radhika’s life that she had to do a settlement with her happiness and love.

What will be the next turn of her life, Lets know that.

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